ESL Classics is a theme and grammar-based series that uses 18 songs to teach English.

Each song focuses on

  • a different theme
  • a different aspect of grammar
  • a different classical composer
  • approximately 50 new words

ESL Classics interactive songbooks combine story-telling, grammar and classical music.  Each ibook has bite-sized chunks of practice activities.  It's a fun and motivating way to learn English.

'Whenever I recall the story of my life, it is with music.'

Lord Tennyson  (1809-1892)

Nothing is better than telling a story.  It puts words in context and gives them emotion. When you add pictures and music, it is a winning combination.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Theme                                        Grammar                         

Daily Activities      simple present tense


Shopping               adjectives, questions             


Driving                  adverbs                 


Doctor's Office      modals     


Preparing Dinner   count/non-count nouns   


The Job Interview  questions   


School                    phrasal verbs                  

Children                 future perfect tense          


Traveling               present perfect tense               


Winter Fun            past tense         


Pets                       ​prepositions                    


Socializing             noun clause


The Party                  conditionals


Banking                     phrasal verbs


Safety                    past tense


Neighborhood       adjectives


Relationships       modals


Fast food              ​simple present tense

​​​​​ESL Classics - songs for learning English