​​​​ESL Classics - songs for learning English


​​​​​​​​​ESL Classics is an interactive grammar-based series that uses 18 songs to teach English.

Each ibook focuses on

  • a different theme
  • a different aspect of grammar
  • approximately 50 new words
  • bite-sized chunks of practice activities

It's a fun and motivating way to learn English!

Daily Activities teaches the present tense and imperatives.

Shopping  teaches questions with the verb to be and adjectives.

Driving teaches adjectives and adverbs.

Doctor's Office  teaches modals of necessity and advice.

Preparing Dinner  teaches count and non-count nouns.

The Job Interview  teaches how to make questions.

School  teaches phrasal verbs.

Children teaches the future tense.


Traveling teaches the present perfect tense.

Winter Fun teaches the past tense.

Pets teaches prepositions and word order.

Socializing teaches noun clauses and questions.

The Party teaches conditionals and the future tense.

Banking teaches phrasal verbs and questions.

Safety teaches past tense and irregular verbs.

Neighborhood teaches adjectives.

Relationships teaches modals and the past perfect tense.

Fast food teaches the future tense.

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​​Make learning English a joyful experience by listening to classical music.

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'Whenever I recall the story of my life, it is with music.'

Lord Tennyson  (1809-1892)

Nothing is better than telling a story.  It puts words in context and gives them emotion. When you add pictures and music, it is a winning combination.